Saturday, 26 February 2011


I would love a cup of tea please navy blue pin brooch
copyright Fluffington
the wizard of oz ruby slippers charm bracelet
copyright Fluffington
tiny Kokeshi girl stud earrings 12mm
copyright Fluffington
......for me. I went to a Vintage and Handmade fair last weekend. It was a very small fair but I found a cute little bunny by Sylvac (or I think is) and discovered a great local lady who sells on Etsy who's stall was just the best. See her shop on Etsy via this link.


comfort blanket said...

How adorable! I especially love those two little dark-haired cuties with the bows in their hair. Are they simply pieces of material covering buttons? However she does it, they are lovely... x

ric-rac said...

Yes I think it's mostly covered buttons. All her work was great and I just couldn't decide what to buy. I was there for ages making my choice. Sx

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