Wednesday, 15 August 2018

We are all super woman print

I know many, many super women. Women who hold everything together despite being knocked down over and over again. Women who still smile, look on the bright side and never moan even though I know inside they face struggles everyday. Women who put everyone else first, make sure their children, their parents, their spouse have everything they need and make their lives fab, often sacrificing their own well being. Well, this print is for you the super women , the strong girls, the women who have nerves of Steel and determination of iron. Put on a pink wig, some spandex and a cape and fly, spoil yourself today and remember you are important too.
This print is available as a fabric from dashwoodstudio and on various products in my Red Bubble Shop link here

Friday, 10 August 2018

Notebooks with my art on - yey!

There are more notebooks in this range but my daughter nabbed them before I could photograph the samples I was sent by the lovely folk at Cherry Orchard. These and a few more are available in the shops now : )

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Dinosaurs for boys and girls

You can get both these dinosaur prints as fabrics from Dashwood Studio AND as products in my Red Bubble shop here and here. No excuse, you can treat your littlies to some matchy matchy stuff : )

Thursday, 2 August 2018

ric-rac - Red Bubble shop - What's that all about then?

A few people have ask how my Red Bubble shop works and want to know how it fits within my business. Basically it's my online shop within a bigger on-line shop which lots of artists and designers use to sell their art. A bit like a big online department store, lots of bands from different sources under one roof.

ric-rac is my brand and you can get a selection of my designs printed onto a range of products in my Red Bubble shop. You choose the print you like, the item is then printed especially for you and posted to you direct. I have no control over the production and delivery of the item, that is outsourced to Red Bubble, I only have control of the art I put in my shop.

The more items you order the price reduces, plus they often do flash sales so keep an eye out. I get a cut of all sales so it’s a great way of supporting me, having my designs on products you use plus the products are delivered to your home. It also means I don't have to hold any stock so there is no waste my end either. Exciting hey? Here's a video of how one of the products arrived beautifully packaged : )

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

You can never have enough clutch bags : )

So why not order this one : ) I ordered the largest zip pouch for myself from my Red Bubble shop. I’ve added a neon pom-pom to the zip and intend to use this as a clutch bag but I think they are made as toilette or cosmetic bags. So, so pleased with it. Fab quality and I can’t wait to use it on my next night out with the gals. Link is here

The large pouch is £12.33 plus postage. If you buy one, I’ll send you a neon pom pom to tie onto the zip for FREE, just let me know when you have placed your order : )

Monday, 16 July 2018

Decorating your toddlers room?

You can get this print on bedding, cushions and other products perfect for a co-ordinated room makeover. Here is the link to my Red Bubble shop : )

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Hommage to Frida!

Someone asked me once which person dead or alive would you invite for dinner and what question would you ask them. I said I would invite Frida Kahlo and I would ask her "Where did she get the strength".

Frida Kahlo was only really known as Diago Rivera's wife  (who was a famous painter) till the 1970's. She endured ill health as a child (she had polio) and was in a terrible tram accident when she was 18 which left her with injuries that caused her to suffer for the rest of her life. At that point she had to abandon going to medical school and started to paint.

Frida is known for her mono brow but she is so much more. She was a painter, an activist, a feminist and she made herself a work of art. She was THE art installation! Viva Frida!

Hold Hands and be Fierce like Frida is my teeny tiny way of celebrating a person I really admire. The frida print is to remind women that we strong so lets get together and hold hands with Frida and be fierce : ) Frida's garden is celebrating her garden at her blue house where she picked flowers for her hair.

You can get my Hold hands and be fierce like Frida and Frida's garden in my Red Bubble shop now here and here!

Get your tickets for Frida Kahlo: Making herself up at the V&A here

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

I'm often asked to design prints with dogs on. It’s tricky because there are so many breeds and owners are very passionate about THE breed of dog they have. This print is a print of mutts, Heinz 57 varieties or mongrels if you like. I’m not a dog owner but I have observed how some sleep a lot, some like to bring you their ball, some have skinny legs and some are stout and proud. They are all here, the lazy ones, the hairy scruffy ones, they are loved whatever make they are. Print in my Red Bubble shop now. There is 20% off today on all products so hurry. Link here!

Monday, 18 June 2018

Animals on safari!

You can now get these prints in my Red Bubble shop on tons of different products. Take a look here and here
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