Monday, 24 June 2019

We are trying really hard to be more eco in our house

Not easy when you have kids that seem to be constantly buying drinks in plastic bottles but we really are trying....

Thursday, 13 June 2019

My design process

With client work it's important to think through how you imagine a finished design will look and be able to convey this to the client. They need to be able to see from a sketch that your proposed vision is what their vision is and that it will suit their products.

With personal work you don't always need a vision. Sometime something pops into my head and I create it and it works out well but sometimes it doesn't work out at (very frustrating). Other times something appears and grows by playing around and going with the flow. This illo was like that. I've had this little tile repeat for ages. I loved it and kept adding it to various designs but it didn't quite work so I kept putting it back in the misc file (which is basically bits and pieces of digital art that I like but doesn't have a home yet). Last night at singing I looked out at the rain and sketched a girl in her swimming costume, I got home scanned her in and added her to the tiled piece which became the swimming pool. Voila!!! Go with the flow folks, go with the flow.... and I hope it's sunny where you are. We have had 6 days of rain, IN JUNE!!!! Good old UK

PS: Notice in my original sketch the girl has a bottle of beer and looks more dishevelled, which is more me TBH
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