Thursday, 22 August 2013

More collaging......

This little girl came together when I was fiddling around with some scraps of paper the other day. Funny how designs just emerge sometimes : )

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Oh to be 8 again : )

We decorated our 8 year old sons bedroom - I created a Pinterest board so he could see what he might have as long as it was el cheapo. All he wanted was his name on a blue wall and a union jack canvas his friend has. Talk about simples.
Pic 1: Letters from Hobbycraft. We painted them using acrylic paint. Flag canvas from Dunelm
Pic 2: Chest of drawers my dad customised for me when I was a baby
Pic 3: Zebra from South Africa
Pic 4: Lampshade I covered in a remnant of fabric. Blind from Dunelm
Pic 5: Blackboard and union flag tin Ikea. Mr Moustachio Quilt set Primark 
Pic 6: Cheapo shelving Ikea. Rucksack which I made from an old skirt and added badges to funk it up/  

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


The BEST thing we have bought this year is a greenhouse. We bought a run down greenhouse on Ebay, it was unloved, falling down, a mess. My hubby has toiled hard laying foundation's, paving, sanding, painting, painting and more painting. It's been a labour of love. On chilly days I sit in it with my lunch and when it's too hot to sit inside it I just look at it from my deckchair and it makes me feel happy. Simple things hey! Strung with fairy lights and bunting we have used it for dinner guests too. There has been a great deal of discussion on it's purpose, he wants to fill it will plants, I want a space to sit and feel warm, the debate continues. See my hubby's blog post about it here.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Rip it up and start again..........

I have been using lots of old books lately to sketch, collage and work up ideas on. Yellowing paperback pages make great backgrounds for ideas. I just rip the pages out, I feel like a vandal but try and use books that are falling apart (I look in car boots and charity shops). Old worn out hardback books are great too as I make sketchbook with them by decorating the cover and painting the pages one by one to obscure the text making interesting deconstructed pages for ideas and drawings. A word of warning though. Make sure the book isn't too rude especially if you want to scan in, colour up and sell the designs. Don't make the mistake I did by having a cute dog dressed in text that quite frankly should have been XXX rated - oops!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Colour glorious colour......

 my friends house. She ain't frightened of splashing some colour around her house. It's an inspirational place. Thanks T for letting me take photos of your lovely home : ) See her blog here.

Sunday, 4 August 2013


I would LOVE to be able to recreate the cake I collaged in my sketchbook today. It's kind of mixed up and retro, don't ya think? If I could make it, it wouldn't be perfectly decorated like those smooth iced cakes you see, it would be a bit quirky which would be fine as all my cakes turn out a bit wonky but hopefully it would still be yummy.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Hot, hot, hot!

It was sooooooo hot here yesterday I could have slurped a whole freezer full of pretty ice lollies.
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