Monday, 16 July 2018

Decorating your toddlers room?

You can get this print on bedding, cushions and other products perfect for a co-ordinated room makeover. Here is the link to my Red Bubble shop : )

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Hommage to Frida!

Someone asked me once which person dead or alive would you invite for dinner and what question would you ask them. I said I would invite Frida Kahlo and I would ask her "Where did she get the strength".

Frida Kahlo was only really known as Diago Rivera's wife  (who was a famous painter) till the 1970's. She endured ill health as a child (she had polio) and was in a terrible tram accident when she was 18 which left her with injuries that caused her to suffer for the rest of her life. At that point she had to abandon going to medical school and started to paint.

Frida is known for her mono brow but she is so much more. She was a painter, an activist, a feminist and she made herself a work of art. She was THE art installation! Viva Frida!

Hold Hands and be Fierce like Frida is my teeny tiny way of celebrating a person I really admire. The frida print is to remind women that we strong so lets get together and hold hands with Frida and be fierce : ) Frida's garden is celebrating her garden at her blue house where she picked flowers for her hair.

You can get my Hold hands and be fierce like Frida and Frida's garden in my Red Bubble shop now here and here!

Get your tickets for Frida Kahlo: Making herself up at the V&A here

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

I'm often asked to design prints with dogs on. It’s tricky because there are so many breeds and owners are very passionate about THE breed of dog they have. This print is a print of mutts, Heinz 57 varieties or mongrels if you like. I’m not a dog owner but I have observed how some sleep a lot, some like to bring you their ball, some have skinny legs and some are stout and proud. They are all here, the lazy ones, the hairy scruffy ones, they are loved whatever make they are. Print in my Red Bubble shop now. There is 20% off today on all products so hurry. Link here!
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