Friday, 18 February 2011

Baby Shower

Baby showers aren't that common in the UK but as my friend is having TRIPLETS (yes triplets) it seemed like a good time to have.............a "Shower". Thanks to the lovely lady who organised it, we had a great evening. We drank pink champagne, measured the size of the bump, ohhed and arred at all the tiny baby clothes (they are like dolls clothes as the babies are expected to be premature) and nattered about how on earth she is going to do it. Afterwards it struck me that whatever you call it, Baby Shower, Girls Night or a Mums get together, that what our evening was really about was solidarity. She'll be fine I'm sure, but if she needs anything we are all there for her. Meanwhile I'm going to enjoy some peace and quiet myself and eat the Baby Shower cake above that I bought home and brace myself for half term holidays next week and I only have two "babies"!


comfort blanket said...

I cannot begin to imagine... But yes, the solidarity of all having experienced the joys/fears/wonder/nappies of newborn babies is a powerful thing.
And please stop posting pictures of delicious cakes! x

ric-rac said...

Sorry about the cake thing but I didn't take my camera so only had the cake as a photo for the post. Once again you'll have to take my word for the fact that it was DELICIOUS although I did have to cut into three and share it with the kids in the end. Sx

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