Friday, 11 February 2011

Guinea pigs

We have two Guinea pigs, Gloria and Daisy, I wasn't keen to get pets, (more clearing up to do) but they are part of the family now so I'm glad we did. Our friend Joan bought us these gorgeous salt and pepper pots because she knows we are pig mad and I love them. Maybe they are the start of a new collection?


Karine said...

I love the names Gloria and Daisy, so cute!! And I think I've become a guinea pigs fan as well, since we got our pair Tintin & Milou! Definitely a great collection to start: no more silver shoes, just guinea pigs objects ;-)

comfort blanket said...

Cuties, indeed. The salt and pepper pots are fab! Do you know when they were made? They have a retro look about them.
Karine - I love the names Tintin and Milou. Tres fantastique!

ric-rac said...

Yes Karine I will try not to buy any more silver shoes lol. I am resisting so far but the glitter and the glamour of silver ah it's so hard to resist! I bet little ornament Guinea Pigs are quite hard to find but will keep my eyes peeled. Ms Comfy they do look retro but they are new and from a company called Canterbury Cross. here the link Sx

Karine said...

Tks Comfort Blanket, we did try to find French names since we moved back to France!
Steph, look, I found a guinea pigs egg cup on Ebay!!:

Lol, good luck with your new colection!!
K x

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