Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Running up the hill...

From notebook doodles

From left: Emma, Pippa and me

And I did have to run up the hill to the Kate Bush Before the Dawn concert. HORRENDOUS train delays meant I was dashing across London to the Hammersmith Apollo in a frantic fashion. I made it, sweaty and pink but I got there. She was amazing, the show was fabulous, full of creativity and innovation. Fish skeleton masks, boats, seas, feathers, poems written on ticker tape, great lighting from start to finish and of course great music with Kates still wonderful voice. It wasn't a greatest hits gig, it was part concert and part theatre but she sang two of my favourites which made me cry happy tears. I have NEVER been to a concert where the audience has been so behind an artist from the very beginning. Most artists have to warm us up, earn our praise and applause. Not Kate, her work was done, 35 years of being the sound track to the ups and downs of our lives. It's her last concert at the Apollo today maybe her last live concert ever but I got a golden ticket and in a small way feel part of rock history.

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