Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cadbury World


We went to Cadbury World yesterday. As if we hadn't eaten enough chocolate over the Easter Bank Hols. Anyway, we had a great time seeing how Cadbury's make their chocolate and the kids loved seeing it packaged and on the conveyor belt. Plus while you are on the tour you are given lots of free choccie - hurrah! My fav. part of the trip was seeing all the old adverts and packaging, the 60's stuff was so inspirational (anyone remember the Milk tray advert from the 1980's?). It's a great day out if you are in the Birmingham area. For more info see here.


Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Ahh I went as a kid and loved it! Don't remember the old posters though...they are so much better than new ones. Hope you aren't feeling to ill after all that choc!x

ric-rac said...

Oh I did feel ill - I need salad and veggies for a few days lol! A fab trip though. The ads were dotted around and there is a whole ad dept. The ones featured here I found on the interweb : )

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