Thursday, 17 January 2013


I have started singing in a Rock Choir (to those who have heard me sing - I know I am rubbish but I have been told that that doesn't matter, enthusiasm and love of music is all that's important ............ thanks goodness) It's great fun and that feeling of unity when you sing is very special. I went to the choir for the first time last night and we started to learn the lovely song "You've lost that loving feeling" (originally made famous by the Righteous brothers in 1964 - how cool do they look in this video and aren't their voices are terrific?). Our first concert is in 8 weeks and I have to learn loads of tunes but the money raised goes to charity so it'll be well worth it and exciting too :  )


Kylie said...

That is awesome. I would love to do something like that. Bit lacking in the self condidence department though. You've Lost etc is a great song. You can really belt it out (especially in the shower! Ha!)

ric-rac said...

Hi Kylie - I was a bit nervous myself to be honest but the folk there were very friendly and they were expecting a newbee so put me at ease straight away. At this choir you don't have to audition. Maybe there is a similar sort of choir near you. I'd recommend enduring the nerves because what you get out of it is huge. I have always been put off before because I have been told by everyone I can't sing. Go on, be courageous - do it! Thanks for dropping x
PS: Next week we are learning "Love the one you're with" by Stephen Stills

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