Friday, 23 March 2012

Mr Pink Plastic

Meet Mr Pink Plastic, made by my friend Esme. She is a great designer and has a lovely blog and shop called ByEsme. She LOVES recycling and creating new, beautiful and practical things from rubbish. Esme's interest was sparked by her travels to underdeveloped countries. She noticed the intelligence of creative recycling and observed people re-using items in many ways, its life as long as its endless possibilities of transformation. Esme employs a few people from the Botha´s Hill settlement in Kwazulu natal, South Africa. They help her with the crafty bits and the sewing. They also have FUN creating unique products for the ByEsme shop. I can't see Mr Pink in her shop yet but I really want to buy him, he is so gorgeous and made from plastic bags, how cool is that?


comfort blanket said...

Mr Pink Plastic – he's fantastic!
Isn't it amazing how you can put four little legs and two little eyes on to something so everyday, and it takes on a whole life of its own?
I love it too! x

ric-rac said...

He is great isn't he - we love Mr Pink - yey (sounds like he's some sort of gangster) x

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