Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's show time!

Presepe, Nativity Group
Nativity group from Alessi
It's Nativity time again and I love them although I get very emotional every year. I am the pathetic embarrassing Mummy at the side blubbing into a tissue. I have a good cry, a mince pie and return home feeling festive and full of Christmas cheer. Excellent!


Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Fun nativity scene, always brings a tear to the eye, nativities. Julie xxx

ric-rac said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for dropping by. I think it's children singing that gets me going every time. My son say "please Mum don't show me up" and of course I do ; 0

Shaheen said...

Now that is a new take on the Nativity Scene. Its one of my favourite parts of Christmas, to remind us all what we are supposed to be celebrating.

ric-rac said...

Thanks Shaheen for dropping by and Merry Christmas!

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