Monday, 24 October 2011

Mr X Stitch

Jamie Chalmers, Spam Series
Cross stitch designs by Mr X Stitch
I went to a great talk last week by a manbroiderer, Jamie Chalmers aka Mr X Stitch (manbroiderer because he thinks that sounds cooler than embroiderer). I hate stereotypes, but put it this way, when you see Jamie you would say he was more of a hammer and chisel weilding man than a needle weilding stitcher (he admits himself that he is an unlikely candidate for creating a cross stitch design, but he really enjoys stitching and finds it "good for his sole"). Jamie shared his fantastic, humerous and creative work, plus he showed us some other inspirational textile artists from around the world.  He has written a great book called PUSH Stitchery which is devoted to indie-crafters and artists pushing the boundaries of traditional crafting mediums. Inside the book you'll find tattoo-inspired stumpwork (3D embroidery), pinup cross-stitch even embroidered metal.  To buy the book on Amazon please follow this link here and to find out more about Mr X Stitch take a look at his blog here. It's great to discover new artists and the talk has really inspired me to try and be more experimental when I stitch. Thanks Mr X!


comfort blanket said...

Good on yer, Mr X Stitch. Really interesting work and great to see men getting creative with a needle and thread. Thanks for sharing this RR! x

ric-rac said...

; ) x---------------

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