Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Take That

Hello my name is Stephanie and I am a Take That fan. They are my guilty pleasure. There, I admit it, I went and saw them at Wembley last night. I wish I had trendier musical taste, (I do like some trendy bands honest) but they just make me feel so happy. They put on a FANTASTIC visual show, it's great to have a sing and dance and to get really groovy, to be part of the huge crowd makes me feel like I am at one with the world. I know they are a boy/man band and that they are seen as a bit naff but wow what a show.  It's amazing what five men (and a creative team of 100's) can do to a crowd of 80 000 people.


comfort blanket said...

Trendy Schmendy... Who cares?! If Take That rock your world and make you happy that's all that matters. It sounds like a great night. I'm sure it wasn't a cheap gig so it's great they make the effort to put on a fantastic show for their fans. Of whom there are many! So say it loud and say it proud Stephanie - I LOVE TAKE THAT!!
As for guilty pleasure... I'm about to settle down for a much-loved re-run of Inspector Morse. So put that in your pipe trendies. xx

ric-rac said...

Thanks CB - we all have our guilty plesures hey! I went and saw Take That again last might - brilliant!

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