Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Why would a snail want to climb up the side of our house? There's a snail trail from the path up to the roof (you can't see it on the photo but believe me it's there, although I am a bit disturbed by the fact that I have tried to take a pic of a snail trail!). Do you think he's just lost? Where is he now and do think he fell down or slid his way down? One of life's mysteries.


comfort blanket said...

I think this is definitely a snail with big ideas. A snail who has broken away from the cabbage patch and wants to take on a challenge, scale new heights, change his scenery and have a great adventure to tell his grandkids about. In snail world, it's like the equivalent of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or scaling Everest. And YOUR house was chosen for this adventure. How exciting! What a hero!
Have you checked the other side of the house to see if there is a trail leading downwards? x

ric-rac said...

Ha ha - excellent! I will check the other side of the house later.
Normally I want to get rid of snails, after reading your comment I want to be a snail, THAT snail infact. I want to break out of the cabbage patch with him. Oh well back to work. Sx

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