Monday, 24 January 2011

From Somewhere?

In the Telegraph magazine last weekend there was a very interesting article about a Orsola de Castro, the first person to create up cycled fashion on an Industrial scale. Orsola goes to great lengths to source vast quantities of fabric and clothes from all over the world that would previously have gone into landfill. She designs with that raw material in mind and as some fabrics she uses are already made up into garments, she has to redesign using what she is given thus transforming them into a commercial garment. This is great skill.  Recycling, up cycling and making do and mending is very close to my heart. If I am honest I like "things" especially beautiful hand made "things", so,  by buying/making something out of waste ticks that box for me but I don't feel like I am over consuming! If you want to read more about Orsolas business "From somewhere" please follow this link . She even has some up cycled clothes for sale in the uk supermarket Tesco! Above is my attempt to up cycle, a flower brooch made from an old pair of gloves.

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comfort blanket said...

That's such a nice idea, and I admire your ethics. It's nice to hold a belief like that, and then follow it though in all the work you do, like a thread.
I unravelled a scarf last year that I was going to throw away, and made five hats from the wool! I gave them out as Christmas presents this year.
Recycling rocks! x

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