Monday, 20 December 2010

Ambassador you are spoiling us..........

This is one of the gorgeous handmade Christmas gifts I received this year from my friend Val. They are little knitted coats for Ferrero Rocher (F R) chocolates. The good thing is, once they all have their jackets on, you can only fit one layer of chocs in the F R box so you have to eat the top layer! I have have knitted one myself, (2nd pic) and although I did go wrong, I am still pleased with the result. It's a great way to give someone a box of chocs with a handmade twist or you could just give one as a small gift. Here is the pattern. Happy knitmas!

Needle size 10 English or 3.25 metric.
Double knitting wool in brown and white

Cast on 22stitches
Stocking stitch 8 rows brown.
Change to white wool.
Knit 3 rows .
Wrong side facing, knit 2tog 11 times (11 stitches)
Knit 1 row
Knit 2tog 5 times K1 (6 stitches)
Knit 1 row
Knit 2tog 3 times (3 stitches)
Knit 3tog
Put wool through remaining loop
Sew up

Add fake holly and berries or make them from felt and attach
Thanks Val and Norma for the pattern!

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comfort blanket said...

How fantastic! Knitting AND chocolate has to be a winning combination doesn't it? Thanks for the pattern. I'll give it a go! xx

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